The Classic Line from MK Dent Germany


Designed for maximum torque:

The new AeroPower Blade embodies the next level of MK-dent cartridge innovation  coupled with proprietary laser balancing technology during manufacturing, the Classic Line delivers reliable power during the most challenging scenarios.


Next-gen carbide bur guide with Perfect concentricity, and unrivaled retention force.

The world of drilling would not be the same without carbide.

Pressed with 12 tons of pressure and heated to 1,500 °C, carbide is so hard, industrial diamond — the world’s hardest material — is used to grind it. Perfect concentricity and unrivaled 40 N of retention force improve long-term precision during operations.


Reverse flow protection with Endurance from start to finish.

The non-return system for reverse flow protection has been part of the Classic Line from the beginning. It’s an entire system fabricated onto a single component, vastly minimizing the entry of particles and contaminants into the head. With endurance from start to finish line, it is designed for optimized cleanability.

Ceramic Bearings

Dental bearings face the most extreme conditions: Particularly high rounds per minute, attacks by superheated steam or various cleaning fluids. Paired with a corrosion-resistant cage as well as the remarkably refined formula of the lubricant, the ceramic balls will have a long journey ahead of them.

Athletic Classic Body

The exterior design incorporates beautiful materials throughout the body and an exquisite chrome finish. From the curved corners of the Classic Grip to the firm pressure on the push button, every detail has been considered to emphasize the turbine‘s strength, giving the AeroPower Blade a powerful stance.


Safety Checks for Dental Handpieces


It is vital that you can be assured that your dental instrument is performing to its maximum potential and is adhering to European Health and Safety Standards.
Here at Handpiece Harry we are providing safety assessments FREE of charge.

Our FREE handpiece safety assessment includes the following tests and checks

  1. Torque
  2. Speed and RPM
  3. Burr holding pressure
  4. Concentricity
  5. Vibration
  6. Fibre-optics
  7. Coolant spray
  8. Noise
  • All components oiled and lubricated with quality Synthetic oil.
  • Clear and concise feedback to your designated handpiece care person.
  • Freepost from your practice.
  • Same day turnaround.
  • Free track and trace courier back to your practice.


All our service and repairs are completed by experienced factory trained technicians.

More good news………Its FREE to new and existing customers.

Just send in your handpieces now.

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