Dental Equipment Sales

Westcoastdental offers equipment to our customers in the west of Ireland from leading manufacturers with years of reliability. Some of the suppliers are listed below.


  • Suction Motors from Durr Dental and Cattani
  • Compressors from Durr Dental and Cattani
  • Dental Chairs from Heka and Castellini
  • X-Ray units from Satelec and MyRay
  • OPG and 3D units from Satelec and MyRay


When deciding on setting up a new practice or renovating existing surgery planning again is of the highest importance. We have experienced time and time again clients requesting quotes and looking at cost. Cost is important and has a huge impact on decision making, however, quality, value, service life and reliability needs to be factored into the equation.

All too often the cheapest quote works out the most expensive. Explore your preferences, likes, practice procedures and speak with your supplier.

Ask questions when you meet us. Dental Equipment is our forte just like your expertise is in dentistry.

  • What do I get for this cost compared to another quote? There will be a difference.
  • Electric motors – has it got a torque and reverse function (if you intend to do endo work)
  • Some of the terms on the brochure may not mean anything to you – Ask as we attend regular training on equipment – just as you attend training on materials and clinical updates.
  • Overhead light – LED or Halogen light?
  • Clean functions – Does the unit have automatic line flushing?

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