It is vital that you can be assured that your dental instrument is performing to its maximum potential and is adhering to European Health and Safety Standards.
Here at Handpiece Harry we are providing safety assessments FREE of charge.

Our FREE handpiece safety assessment includes the following tests and checks

  1. Torque
  2. Speed and RPM
  3. Burr holding pressure
  4. Concentricity
  5. Vibration
  6. Fibre-optics
  7. Coolant spray
  8. Noise
  • All components oiled and lubricated with quality Synthetic oil.
  • Clear and concise feedback to your designated handpiece care person.
  • Freepost from your practice.
  • Same day turnaround.
  • Free track and trace courier back to your practice.


All our service and repairs are completed by experienced factory trained technicians.

More good news………Its FREE to new and existing customers.

Just send in your handpieces now.